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Let me break this down.

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MODLY: More about the rules!

Remember these?

1. Don't be an idiot.
2. Learn the difference between IC, OOC, and the consequences of. You know it, we know you know it. Show it!
3. Post sometimes! At least once in three weeks. Otherwise, we'll worry.
4. Be realistic! It's more fun that way.

While pithy, our rule list doesn't actually say so much. So here we go, in more detail:

Rule 1: Don't be An Idiot

Fairly self-explanatory, no? A few simple points:
* Dont god-mod. We'll probably kill you for it. Yes, literally. Because we're like that.
* Don't take IC things personally; it's just dumb.
* Spelling and grammar are your friend. (Okay, anyone who plays Anderson Cooper we'll cut some slack, because that's a given.)

Rule 2: Learn the differences between IC, OOC and the consequences of!

* IC =/= OOC. Vice versa.
* IC knowledge =/= OOC knowledge.

If you make a decision IC, you better think it out, because we're not going to pussyfoot around the IC consequences just to make your storyline easier.

You want to bring in something pre-established? Be prepared to deal with the fallout from people who should have known but don't. For example. If you want to avoid it -- talk to people involved first! Work out how they would have been told, and when.

If a character gets pissed at your character, they're not pissed at you. Really, we promise. Except for whoever is currently reading this. We are pissed at you. Awkward!!

Rule 3: Post Sometimes!

Rule 4: Be realistic!

Realism. Okay. Here's the thing. We're not AU. We're not AR. We're not some spinoff; that's not the vibe we're going for. We like the challenges of sticking as close to reality as possible -- making things lifelike, human, and real.

If you have an "alternate" or "interpreted" version of your guy/girl, take it to fanfic. We want the real deal here, we want the real deal to be the goal.

If this doesn't sound even a little like something you might be into than believe me, this game is not for you.


I am going to have to leave the game.
Based on this, I gotta leave the game too.

February 2008

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